Renting has always been a standard way to go for  a lot of the wedding day needs.
Why shouldn't responsible brides have the same option for their wedding gown?

Almost all of the in stock gowns are available for rent.

There is also the option of having a custom style made for you and then rented.


When can I take my gown?
Once a gown is chosen and paid in full, it can be taken anytime.


  Are alterations included in the rental price?

Tailoring costs are not included in the cost of any dress.

What is the payment process for RENTALS?


50% deposit of the full purchase price is required to hold or order your chosen dress.

Remaining balance of the full purchase price of the dress is paid on the day you take it home
(this is your damage deposit).
The damage deposit will be refunded when the dress is returned within 7 days of the wedding or wear date in good condition.


Example: Full purchase price of dress chosen $600

Deposit to hold or order dress $300
Remaining balance (damage deposit) paid on pick up day - $300

Refund when gown is returned in good condition ($300)

(please see return policies below)



When do I need to have all items returned by?
All rental items are to be returned no more than 7 days after the wear date

Do I have to have the dress dry-cleaned after?

You do not have to clean the dress cleaned before returning unless it is severely dirty.
Light dirt/dust is expected.
(see return policies below)






When the gown is returned on time, damage free and with normal dirt,
the full 50% deposit will be refunded to you.

If the gown is damaged or extremely dirty, repair and cleaning costs will be deducted from the refund amount owing.

If the gown is not repairable or cannot be cleaned enough to wear again for less than the refund owing, it will be considered a sale and the dress will be yours to keep "as is".
(You will be given the option before any work or cleaning is done)


    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at 

MJM Wedding Services
Text me directly at 604.218.0148